Skeptics Guide Entry and Frame of Thinking of Scientist

How to know what’s real in a World Increasingly Full of Fake by Dr Steven Novella is the first book I read in January 2022. Even though the book is hard to understand in the first until five-chapter, this book blows my mind to have a double sword edge frame of thinking for everything.

The sceptics' Guide to the Universe
The sceptics’ Guide to the Universe

In the beginning, this book gives us a perspective about how we think and memorize something. I will not explain everything in my blog. On the one hand, because it is good and I can’t describe it with a simple word, on the other hand, the writer thinking will give us a helicopter view about the way we must face a problem in our life. Reading the book by yourself would provide the experience ultimately.

Facing a Problem

A simple thing of being gentlemen is facing a problem, don’t run from it. Being a leader is like a responsibility for all the humans who live on earth. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t lead a team. Be a leader for yourself or your little family. It’s a simple case, right. So you can learn how to be suitable for yourself, I mean a good leader for your responsible life to you and others.

Today is one of the hard days in my life. I must decide to cut off of one my employment. I worked for five years together, but we faced ethical and integrity things. My core value for virtue is the most important. So this decision disappointed me a lot but was better for the whole company and team.

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