Local SEO Google my business
Local SEO Google my business

How Business Google Generate visitor to My Local Attraction

Now I want to share my experienced developing the local attraction near Borobudur Temple, the most extensive Buddha prayer area in South Asia by Business google “tools”. Even though plenty of people travelled to the temple, our reality just only 0,001% of visitors visited us in 2016. Then we are focused developed our GMB then. Check this out:

Google Business

Bukit Rhema

The house of prayer of all nations, that’s our jargon for our local attraction. I believed that this building would attract many people even when all the family members are underestimated. The building consists of 7 stages, and all single locations have storytelling.

Google My Business

I met the Head of Industry of Google Indonesia and shared the difficulties of GMB. Despite being listed on Google, the maps showed the impossible tract to arrive safely at our place. The ways guided people to cross the river.

But later, enormous people visited us in 2018, the numbers of people in 2019 leapfrogged the years before. We can read the people’s data search us based on period seven days, one month moreover per quarter.

Utilizes the GMB

Mostly, the owner of the business didn’t claim the GMB, which was listed on google. So, they can’t read the data and utilize the tools. In fact, with the claim the business, you have the right to control a lot of things such as

  1. Give more detail Information

During the pandemic, all the businesses in Indonesia got restricted open policy by the government. Furthermore, the duration people visited us and our business hours. By claiming your Business in GMB, you can give more detail about that information. Consumer behaviour is rapidly changed after covid19, truly I felt it. I received more calls from the customer during a pandemic. In fact, the potential number of customers sending direct messages through social media and Google my business increased dramatically compared to before pandemic covid19.

  1. Created demand by putting in a link to our e-commerce

We are collaborating with the biggest player to enhance the awareness through digital. E-commerce helped us to pre-sale the ticket to our potential market. By putting in the link on bio or post in Google My Business, we can spread the opportunities to google users with the keyword and local citation.

  1. Winning the local SEO

Keywords and links are two important things that affect the ranking of any website. Search Engines want only literal content. Content on any web page speaks for you and your business, so it should be entirely relevant for your services or products launched by you. Don’t try to misguide your viewers because it’s a fact that users often visit content-rich websites. Avoid copying content and gain the confidence of your visitors. By updating the post and condition on your website, you can share the article through Google My Business, which all the visitors can read the article also.

  1. Talk To Your Customer

Talk to many business people about how they approach customer service, and the majority of them will say that they aim to have ‘satisfied customers. Reply fast and correct through Direct message and question Mark in Google My business will increase engagement and sales.

Research has shown that 65% of customers say they are loyal. You may be happy with this but you shouldn’t! Satisfied customers are in a state of nothing – they are neither dissatisfied nor content; they are in between. They will tolerate you while you are of use to them, but if a better deal comes along, they’re off.

  1. Review on Google

So by getting feedback on google is one of the key sources to dive into the problem matters. Always ask happy clients for endorsements or testimonials and put them on your Google My Business and other marketing collateral. They’re worth their weight in gold. Try to get some recognizable names in your community for additional cachet.

In the next article, I would explain how is the strategy collecting reviews from our visitors to buzz our Local Google My Business and Local SEO. See you!

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