the entrepreneurship
the entrepreneurship

Hey and Hallo From The Start

My first Article

Today is the day for me to decide to open a blog in English. Even, I’m not a native and have a lousy long story about my skill speaking and writing in English. But I will try to do it.

It is not to get approved by someone. But I just to leapfrogging myself in the past. In this blog, I will keep you all visitors reminded of the small idea about curiosity and developing the human being.

You can call me in the Meta world as Wenas, I have been working for almost 10 years in the Marketing world for 3 sector industries. I really love to learn about Growth, Brand and Marketing. Now managed a local attraction in the middle of the jungle, empowering the local people by culinary sector bring me out to understand about balancing the tension about vision, money, and life.

You can visit me at my cafe in Central Java, Indonesia. Just contact me and discuss everything, I’m happy to learn about something from all of you.

Try to learn, relearn, and unlearn is one of the basics of our fundamentals as humans. In the long long future from now, I will catchphrase, the good things from the failure of my decision, skills share apps, the idea of business and HBS articles, which impacts growth to my business and also my carrier as a human.

You also can check my other article in :

I hope you will enjoy my opinion and discuss it. See you in the bridge of mind and keyboard.

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