Does Company in Indonesia need a Chief ESG Officer ?

Last week, I was read an article in HBS about Chief ESG Officer, quite interesting but does a company in Indonesia need Chief ESG Officer in the future?

My Last Experience

I have been working for almost 10 years in the four-sector industries, FMCG, Tech Company, Tourism Industry and F&B. Every sector industry has a different level of responsibility for the environment, society, and governance. In the first company, My company really focus on green and sustainability moreover we have a department that focuses on the green movement inside the company and also handles the green community consisting of people who are impactful to our nature.

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The second Company I work for is focused on spreading economic opportunities through our apps in F&B, Delivery food, and ride-hailing. I can’t find a related topic about the environment but I learn a lot about how to increase economic opportunities. So, I think this is part of Social. At this company, I felt ESG not only has been more of compliance or communications but also become a strategic concern and the way enlarge opportunities expand across Indonesia. We faced regulation when opening in a new region. So focusing on social and economic opportunities plus a partnership with the government make us easiest to expand the business.

A transformational Role

Answering a question from the title of the article should be more interesting in Indonesia, we still have a lack number of economy, education, and state law in investment. So I can’t answer the question actually LOL. So what do you think guys? Did we really need a department or chief focus on ESG?

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