Creating Culture of Experimentation For Manager

I agree if there is a statement most managers are good at asking questions, but not as good at specifying what would constitute a feasible answer to those questions themselves. They run tests and learn from the result, but rarely criticize the reason for the problem.

In my opinion, experimentation encourages innovation, for example in my case. I faced regulations to limit the number of visitors visiting my attraction during pandemic covid19. On the one hand, I have fixed operation cost, on the other hand, the numbers people visiting our business dramatically decrease. To attract people to revisit again our attraction, Our campaign Marketing must consider the value of humanity. Respect the medical personnel who try to help people who are infected by covid19. By creating a soft selling campaign and picking the right moment and channel only implemented by experimentation idea. Although this experimentation will resource-draining. Balancing the tension between cost, resources, momentum, and pandemic will be a great long journey to survive during covid19.

So it has been 2 years since the pandemic began in March 2020, in Indonesia. I will give my story on how to create s strategy for campaign marketing in the Pandemic era for the Tourism Industry, case in Bukit Rhema, one of the famous local attractions near of Borobudur temple.

  1. Understanding Testing A/B in Business Condition
  2. Mind Your Data
  3. Establish Decision Making Criteria
  4. Small Ideas should be a solution, Consider it.

I would be happy if all of you give another critique or opinion about my idea above in a comment.


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