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4 Key Points to Brand Building Review By Expert

By delving deeper from my experienced working at FMCG for 5 years in Marketing and Business Development and also Unicorn tech company in Indonesia for 2 years. Finally, convinced me to be an entrepreneur in the tourism Industry.

Here are four things you should keep in mind as you build your company’s brand based on my experienced:

Own the “Significant Thing”

Dole tried to be all things to all people spend your time focusing on a single clear message. Mercedes-Benz owns “ Engineering “ in the car industry because it’s focused on that singular message for decades. In my case, starting to build a cafe in the middle jungle sounded like crazy, but it challenging for me to prove my faith in the fusion of the Tourism industry and culinary is one of the best instruments to increase the economic opportunities in Indonesia. By empowering the local people and a sustainable ecosystem of a local attraction.

It’s no wonder that local entrepreneurs are uncertain about the significant things in the brand. They just spread the information about the business without tempting the impact. It will be a hurdle in the future. Because we need extra budget to convince the market about who we really are, the impact of the miss perception about our brand.

Consistency is key

The consistent presentation will ensure that your customers recognize you. Be consistent in the use of logos, taglines, visual elements, tone, and ad copy. Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized brands in the world because they haven’t changed in decades. Make sure your brochures, website, Direct mail, and all the other advertising have the same feel and message.

I knew it was not easy to keep consistency for our brand, In my experience, using Canva to gather all the materials promotion in one place is really helpful. It is not just an Apps to create the material promotion but also the place to keep your photo of the product and your brand logo to repeat used in the other partnership easily find it.

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Make your message relevant

Know your audience, know what they care about and how to speak to them. Make sure what you sell is what they need. Remember the conversation should always be about your audience, not you.

Build a Product

Yet many entrepreneurs efforts to transform the business or organizations were complicated by the lack of understanding of the customer. I have experience with this when I sold a product and really didn’t understand the local people and the customer. It just wastes my saving and time. So the story is in the past I sold a hot coffee for my all visitors cafe because I can generate profit more than the others. But AHA moments show that all the people looking for juice in my cafe. I convinced myself about the coffee but the reality the market need another product

Use a strong offer to motivate

You want your audience to remember you and you want its members to buy from you. You need to move them to action. A strong offer should give them a reason to buy. Make the offer clear and appropriate for your brand.

Brand Building expert now

Every time a customer comes in contact with your brand, they will have either a positive or a negative experience. Those experiences will add to their perception of your brand. Those experiences are recalled later when it’s time to make a purchasing decision. How do you want your brand to be remembered when the time comes for a prospect to buy? You need to start building that positive perception today and do whatever is necessary to maintain it.

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